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Shkolla Biblike Kosove

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English Below

Me dt 2 Maj 2016 , se bashku me Pastor Aleksander dhe Thomas, kemi
planifikuar hapjen e shkolles biblike viti i pare.
Kjo shkolle do te ndihmoje trupin e Krishtit ne Kosove qe te ngrihet dhe
te fitoje territore per Mbreterine e Perendise

Gjithashtu do te ndihmoje te pajisi besimtaret me Fjalen e besimit dhe
te ndihmoje ne gjetje e thirrjes dhe sherbeses.
Ky vit 2016 -2017 do te kete shume subjekte te tilla si
1. Besimi
2. Lutja
3. Adhurimi
4. Karakteri i Perendise
5. Familja
6. Gjaku i Jezusit etj

Kjo shkolle hapet pas 22 vjetesh ne Gjakove dhe do te preki besimtaret e
kishave te ndryshme


On 2nd of May 2016, together with pastor Aleksander and Thomas, we
planned to open the Bible School , first year.
This school will help the Body of Christ in Kosove to raise up and win
territories for the Kingdom of God.

Also will help to eqiup the believers with the Word of Faith and help
them to find their callinf and ministry.

This year 2016 – 2017 will have many subjects like:
1. Faith
2. Prayer
3. Praise and Worship
4. The character of God
5. Family
6. The blood of Jesus etc

This school will be open after 22 years in Djakova and will touch
believers of different churches.

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